Posh Jah is the newest member of the Jah-family - located in a beautiful Kay Fisker-building in the city center.

At Posh Jah we brought a range of our classic Jah Izakaya dishes to the city and added our take on authentic tempura and sushi. Menu ranges from raw, elegant, seafood to fried chicken - Jaaaahsss please!
The tempura is made from the season's best ingredients both from the garden and the sea - the sushi is made from the best seafood, the best rice and prepared without sugar and frills. Along with the food we offer a carefully selected range of wine, cocktails, junmai sake, and of course the ice cold Jah-beer!


All dishes are served when ready with no particular order.We recommend three to five dishes per person. For information on allergies please talk our staff.


  • Zander Shio-kojijime

    140 kr.

    Shio-koji zander, cucumber and yuzu.

  • Sushi Moriawase


    A mixed platter with three nigiri and six maki.

  • Nigiri Sushi (3 kinds)

    145 kr.

    - Price per piece:

    - Spanish blue fin tuna

    55 kr.

    - Hallibut

    50 kr.

    - Danish hiramasa

    50 kr.

  • Maki Sushi

    - Spanish blue fin tuna

    120 kr.

    - Halibut

    100 kr.

    - Danish hiramasa

    100 kr.

    - Today’s veggie (ask staff for details)

    90 kr.

  • Tempura

    225 kr.

    Langoustine, hake, seasonal veggies and shiso leaf.

  • Tsukemono

    80 kr.

    Traditional pickled veggies according to season.

  • Suzuki no Shioyaki

    160 kr.

    Grilled seabass, umeboshi and green peas.


  • Rice or Jah Rice

    40 / 70 kr.

    Koshi Hikari rice or rice with trout roe.

  • Edamame

    40 kr.

  • Sashimi

    250 kr.

    The chef’s choice of fish (ask staff for details).

  • Agedashi Tofu

    90 kr.

    Fried tofu with our own dashi.

  • Ika Ichiyaboshi

    105 kr.

    Aged and grilled Danish squid.

  • Tori no Karaage

    135 kr.

    Fried Danish free range chicken.

  • Gyutataki

    125 kr.

    Japanese style raw organic beef Carpaccio with yuzu ponzu and Japanese mayo.

  • Potato Salada

    60 kr.

    Japanese style organic potato salad.

  • Salada

    70 kr.

    Crispy green salad.


  • Strawberry Sorbet

    60 kr.

  • Hokkaido Pudding

    60 kr.



    450 kr.

    Chef’s tasting menu. Also available pescetarian. Should be ordered for a minimum of 2 persons. Price is per person.


    220 kr.

    Try three different sakes. Perfect for the menues.


Shinya Ito

Head Chef at Posh Jah

With more than 10 years of training at the renowned Japanese Michelin awarded restaurant Kyoto Kitcho, Shinya is the gastronomical mastermind behind Jah Izakaya and Posh Jah.

While having worked in France and Switzerland, Shinya moved to Copenhagen with his family and became one of the founding members of Jah.



France, Spain, Italy...

Posh Jah cares about wine.

We offer a carefully selected wine list of mostly European wines. The list contains both classic wines and more experimental wines. All the wines shares a focus on good craftsmanship and a terroir-driven expression. Burgundy, Jura, Alsace, Auvergne, Loire, Piedmont, Austria and even Japan is all represented on the list. You’ll find juicy, serious, funny, classic, deeb, red, orange, white bottles on the list. Go explore.



Japanese izakayas and sake belong together. Sake is a sophisticated and very nuanced product with a delightful uplifting effect which, in contrast to most traditional wines, is perfectly complimentary to the subtle flavours of Japanese cuisine – especially izakaya.

Posh Jah offers a wide selection of sake - from high end Junmai to the unique, unfiltered “natural sakes”.

If sake alone is not enough, our list also includes a fine selection of Shochu and Japanese whisky.



Posh Jah also loves beer, why we have developed a unique beer in collaboration with the magnificent Beer Here and Penyllan Brewery on the Danish island Bornholm.

Jah Beer is a light IPA with notes of fresh yuzu and Japanese hops that compliments the flavors of the food perfectly. Best served as draft beer in a frozen glass, or to take away by the bottle.


  • Kido Ginjo

    gl 70 kr.

    Heiwa Shuzo, Wakayama

    Junmai Ginjo. \ Entry-level ginjo sake. Fruity and elegant.

  • Kizan

    gl 75 kr.

    Chikumanishiki Shuzo, Nagano.

    Junmai Ginjo Nama Genshu. \ Fine combination of acidity and sweetness.

  • Jah One Love

    gl 75 kr.

    Terada Honke, Chiba

    Junmai Muroka Nama Genshu. \ Original, all natural sake made exclusively for Jah by Terada Honke.

  • Soma No Tengu

    gl 80 kr.

    Uehara Shuzo, Shiga.

    Junmai Ginjo Nama Genshu. \ Usu-Nigori (cloudy) sake.

  • Akishika Okarakuchi

    gl 85 kr.

    Akishika Shuzo Brewery, Osaka

    Junmai Ginjo Nama Genshu, Osaka. \ A lot of depth and complexity.

  • Niida Shizenshu Ginjo

    gl 85 kr.

    Niida Honke Shuzo, Fukushima

    Junmai Ginjo Nama Genshu Shizenshu. Organic and natural yeast. Fruity and good body.

  • Kirei 92

    gl 80 kr.

    Kirei Shuzo, Hiroshima

    Junmai Nama Genshu. Full-bodiy dry and almost unpolished sake at a good price.

  • Akishika Yamahai 2014

    gl 95 kr.

    Akishika Shuzo, Osaka

    Junmai Nama Genshu Koshu. Vintage sake from the Akishika shuzo.

  • Nabeshima Ginjo

    gl 95 kr.

    Fukuchiyo Shuzo, Saga

    Junmai Dai-Ginjo. Slightly sweet with balancing acidity.

  • Katori 90

    gl 75 kr.

    Terada Honke Shuzo, Chiba

    Junmai Nama Genshu. True ‘liquid rice’ in taste, colour and aroma.

  • Dassai 45

    gl 95 kr.

    Asahi Shuzo, Yamaguchi

    Junmai Daiginjo. Classic dai-ginjo.

  • Hanatomoe

    gl 75 kr.

    Miyashino Jozo, Nara

    Junmai Nama Genshu. Refreshing unpasteurised sake with a flowery character and a hint of blue cheese.



  • 2023 Summertime

    gl 100 kr. / bt 500 kr.

    Domaine Bobinet

    Pet-nat from Loire. Chenin Blanc and Grolleau Gris

  • NV Ultradition

    850 kr.

    Laherte Frères

    Primarily Pinot Meunier from Champagne.

  • NV &

    1500 kr.

    La Closerie

    Primarily Meunier from Montagne de Reims.


  • 2022 Weissburgunder Trocken

    gl 80 kr. / bt 350 kr.

    Weingut Scheuermann

    Weissburgunder from Pfalz, Germany.

  • 2022 Riesling Blauschiefer

    gl 95 kr. / bt 450 kr.

    Weingut Stein

    Riesling from Mosel, Germany.

  • 2023 Blanc-Sain

    gl 110 kr. / bt 550 kr.

    Arnaud Combier

    Chardonnay from Languedoc - made in Burgundian style.

  • 2022 Le Petit Têtu

    gl 140 kr. / bt 700 kr.

    Jean-Marie Berrux

    White Bourgogne.

  • 2020 Racines Blanc

    700 kr.

    Etienne Courtois

    Assemblage from Loire.

  • 2019 Bigotes Qvevris

    800 kr.

    Frédéric Cossard

    White Bourgogne.

  • 2020 Castor

    900 kr.

    Les Bottes Rouge

    Chardonnay from Jura.


  • 2021 Eros

    475 kr.

    Le Vins Pirouettes

    Riesling, Gewürtztraminer and Muscat from Alsace.

  • 2021 Petit Robe

    750 kr.

    Jean-Yves Péron

    Jacquère from Savoie.

  • 2021 Sensazione

    bt 800 kr.

    Cascina Lieto

    Cortese and Moscato from Japanese winemakers in Italy.


  • 2022 Cala Niuru

    gl 80 kr. / bt 350 kr.

    Il Mortellito

    Light Frappato and Nero d'Avola from Sicily.

  • 2020 Spätburgunder

    bt 500 kr.

    Dennis Wolf

    Spätburgunder from Pfalz, Germany.

  • 2022 La Belle Sortie

    bt 550 kr.

    Domaine Gramenon

    Grenache and Syrah from Rhône.

  • 2022 Saint Romain 'Sous la Velle'

    gl 150 / bt 900 kr.

    Domaine de Chassorney

    Pinot Noir from Burgundy.

  • 2021 Pedres Blanques Rouge

    900 kr.

    Pedres Blanques

    Grenache from Roussillon.

  • 2021 Orchis Mascula

    bt 1000 kr.

    Claire Naudin


  • 2021 Savigny-lès-Beaune

    bt 1300 kr.





  • Jah Draft Beer (0,4l)

    75 kr.

    Our house beer. A fresh pale ale with japanese hops and yuzu. Brewed exclusively for Jah by Beer Here Brewery from Bornholm. Served ice cold.

  • Implosion by “to øl” (non-alc)

    60 kr.

  • Low Motion Pink by “to øl” (non-alc)

    65 kr.


  • Yuzu Sour

    125 kr.

    Whisky, yuzu, lemon and egg whites.

  • Dashi Papi

    125 kr.

    Kombu tequila, mezcal, rice syrup and lemon.

  • Sansho Daiquiri

    125 kr.

    Rum, sansho, shiokoji and lime.

  • Cucumbanwa

    125 kr.

    Cucumber, gin, shiso and green tea.


  • Whisky Highball

    95 kr.

    Nikka whisky & soda.

  • Shiso Gin & Tonic

    95 kr.

    Gin & tonic with a hint of shiso-herb.

  • Chu-hai

    95 kr.

    Shochu & soda.

  • Umeshu Soda

    95 kr.

    Umeshu & soda.


  • Oishi Shuzo, Kagoshima

    80 kr.

    (ask staff for selection).

WHISKY (3cl)

  • Taketsuru Pure Malt – Nikka Whisky

    3cl 75 kr.

  • Yoichi Single Malt – Nikka Whisky

    3cl 95 kr.

  • Hibiki Japanese Harmony – Suntory Whisky

    3cl 120 kr.


  • Tsuruume Yuzu-Sake – Heiwa Shuzo

    gl 105 kr.

    A sweet and fresh mix of Sake and Yuzu.

  • Suppai Umeshu – Heiwa Shuzo

    gl 105 kr.

    Japanese plum Sake from Wakayama. Hints of almond and cherry.


  • Yuzu Hoppy

    95 kr.

  • Sherbert's Daydream – Muri

    gl 80 kr. / bt 400 kr.


  • Water

    25 kr.

    Still or sparkling mineral water. Filtered on site. Per person, with free refills

  • Ramune

    50 kr.

    A classic Japanese sparkling soft drink.

  • Folk Kombucha

    65 kr.

  • Coffe - Prolog

    45 kr.

  • Japanese Tea - Io

    45 kr.



Borgergade 17A
1300 Copenhagen K

(+45) 51 90 05 90


Monday — Saturday
17:30 — 24:00 (last food order 22.00)